Christmas Hairclips Triplet Christmas Hairclips Triplet

Christmas hairclips

A dino bringing gifts, a lama and a flamingo welcome you these Christmas in Kiddoz World!..

15.00€ Ex Tax: 15.00€

Christmas HoHoHo Scrunchie

Festive Scrunchie

The most Christmas scrunchie to complete your super festive outfits!..

8.50€ Ex Tax: 8.50€

Christmas HoHoHo Scrunchieband Christmas HoHoHo Scrunchieband

Festive Fabric Scrunchieband

Fashionable Christmas scrunchieband to complete your festive outlooks. Don' t miss to match it with ..

18.00€ Ex Tax: 18.00€

Christmas Ornaments WoW Christmas Ornaments WoW

Flamingo, Music Player, Unicorn

Triplet of plexi ornaments including wonderful music player, unicorn and flamingo. Make your Christm..

17.00€ Ex Tax: 17.00€

Christmas Tree Tiara

Holly Jolly Tiara

Wait... what?  Don' t miss the most festive headpiece ever! Comes in beautiful printed fabric p..

20.00€ Ex Tax: 20.00€

Mrs Velvet Scrunchie Mrs Velvet Scrunchie

Velvet Scrunchie

Velvet scrunchie for lovable girls...

9.00€ Ex Tax: 9.00€

Mrs Velvet Scrunchieband Mrs Velvet Scrunchieband

Glam Velvet Scrunchieband

Mrs Velvet Scrunchieband will be No1 on your Christmas wishlist. All Kiddoz Headpieces are handmade ..

20.00€ Ex Tax: 20.00€

Starry Baubble Starry Baubble

Christmas baubble

The perfect gift for these Christmas. Shine bright like the star you are! The star can be used as a ..

22.00€ Ex Tax: 22.00€

Velvet Headband Velvet Headband

Velvet decorated with stones

Velvet headband made of soft, high quality velvet decorated with stones. Ideal for festive outfits o..

23.00€ Ex Tax: 23.00€

Christmas Ornaments Yeah Christmas Ornaments Yeah

Cactus, Lama, Dinosaur

Triplet of plexi ornaments including wonderful lama, cactus and a dino. Make your Christmas tree YEA..

17.00€ Ex Tax: 17.00€

Glitter WoW Scrunchie Glitter WoW Scrunchie

Glitter Scrunchie

For glitter lovers, the most festive scrunchie to complete your super duper outfits!..

8.50€ Ex Tax: 8.50€

Gold Stars Tiara Gold Stars Tiara

Tiara with gold stones

Which girl doesn't like stars? Made of gold stars and red stones. All Kiddoz Headpieces are handmade..

17.00€ Ex Tax: 17.00€

Starry Night Tiara Starry Night Tiara

Festive Tiara with stars

Fashionable stars tiara to make you shine like a star. All Kiddoz headpieces are handmade in Greece ..

14.00€ Ex Tax: 14.00€

Glitter Tiara & Bracelet Set Glitter Tiara & Bracelet Set

Set of headpiece & jewelery

This  accessories set is the perfect gift for every fashionista! Comes in a print fabric pouch,..

25.00€ Ex Tax: 25.00€

Bow Pack Bow Pack

3 bow clips

Triplet of three cute bow clips. Comes in two colors, red & blue...

10.00€ Ex Tax: 10.00€

Christmas  Ears Christmas  Ears

Pompom Ears

Christmas edition pompom ears! Our best seller piece is singing Jingle bells.. All Kiddoz Headpieces..

18.00€ Ex Tax: 18.00€

Fiesta Metallic Scrunchieband Fiesta Metallic Scrunchieband

Metallic Fabric scrunchieband

Fashionable scrunchieband, easy to wear for strolls, playdates, school, after school, parties and ho..

18.00€ Ex Tax: 18.00€

Velvet Bow Tiara Velvet Bow Tiara

Velvet Bow Headpiece

Super glam and classy velvet bow tiara.  All Kiddoz Headpieces are handmade in Greece and come ..

17.00€ Ex Tax: 17.00€

Bejeweled Hairbrush Bejeweled Hairbrush

Every day Hairbrush

Make your hair, make your day with Kiddoz super duper bejeweled, glitter hairbrush. Comes in three b..

16.00€ Ex Tax: 16.00€

Sequins Tiara Sequins Tiara

Magical Sequins Headpiece

Love sequins and glam? This headpiece is for you! Party, party, party and perfect outfits! All Kiddo..

19.00€ Ex Tax: 19.00€

Shine Bright Christmas Hairties Shine Bright Christmas Hairties

Holly Jolly spiral hairties box of 4

Super holly jolly blink blink hairties, Christmas edition. Come in a cute festive box of 4 pieces...

17.00€ Ex Tax: 17.00€

Velvet Flower Velvet Flower

Velvet flower bobble

Velvet bobble with a flower twist! Available in mustard and red...

15.00€ Ex Tax: 15.00€

Velvet Rose Velvet Rose

Velvet flower bobble

Velvet bobble with a flower twist!..

15.00€ Ex Tax: 15.00€

Miss Marian Headband Miss Marian Headband

Soft Velvet

Miss Marian headband in soft velvet . Available in 4 colors. All day headband, comes in a fantastic ..

20.00€ Ex Tax: 20.00€

Color Garden Bow

Metallic Fabric Bow

All day bow, easy to wear for playdates, school, after school, long weekends and holidays...

9.00€ Ex Tax: 9.00€

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